Build Your Dream Home Office

5 Tips for Creating a Successful Workspace at Home

By REsides, Inc.

Working from home should be relaxing and give a sense of freedom from your everyday cubical. Now that people have been forced to isolate due to this current pandemic, COVID-19, many people have moved to working at home. These tips will give you some insight into creating a happy, relaxing, and productive workspace. Having a designated personal workspace will also help you separate your personal life from your work. To stay motivated and inspired check out these five tips for a successful workspace.

1. Office Design

Large room with minimalist desk and large bookcase behind it

Designating a spot in your house is the first step into creating your dream office space. Create a floor plan that has good feng shui and energy. Here are a couple tips.

Placing your desk facing the door is a much better option than having your back to it. Avoid having a wall directly in front of you, as you want to be able to see the room as a whole to avoid feeling claustrophobic. Choose a calm color palette, white, grey, cream, black… Avoid those harsh bright colors and keep it minimal.

2. Storage

Clean white storage shelves with various stylish storage boxes neatly placed

Having storage in your office will help keep you organized… obviously. Seriously though, this is of the utmost importance when working from home. I would recommend using a shelving unit with different baskets/bins. It will serve its purpose as well as being a decor piece. Here is an example below.

3. Functional Furniture

A small office with a comfortable chair and functional desk with drawers

The worst thing when working at a desk is when your lower back is in pain… Avoid this issue by upgrading to a nice comfy chair. Choosing a chair with a memory foam seat that supports your back and has adjustable features is just what you need to upgrade your office space. You will be spending most of your time at this desk and you want to make sure you are comfortable and content. You won’t regret it.

4. Light, Light, Light

A large well-lit office with a modern desk pointed towards large windows

If possible, set up your office in an area with plenty of natural light. Keep in mind there could be a glare, to avoid this have the light come from the front or the side rather than behind you.

If your space has minimal natural light invest in a fixture as well as a lamp. Light promotes positive energy and is shown to improve productivity, reduce eye-strain, headaches, and drowsiness. It's so important to have lots of bright white light in your office space. Adding a mirror can also help with reflecting light to brighten the space.

5. Add Greenery

Fig lead plant next to a home office desk with laptop open

Be sure to add in green plants around your office. Plants have a calming effect and have proven to reduce stress levels. Don’t be afraid to add bigger plants now that you have the space to yourself. Look at plants like the Mass Cane or a beautiful Fiddle-Leaf Fig.

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