On Apr 12, 2012
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You have just bought a home in Bluffton, South Carolina, and have plans to give it a minor – or even extreme – makeover. Or, you are considering purchasing a home in Bluffton that could use some upgrades. Maybe you are contemplating selling your Bluffton home and feel a few changes would increase your chances at making a bigger profit. Where exactly should you begin as you pursue the idea of modifying a Bluffton home?

 You should ask yourself a few basic questions to figure out where to begin:

  • Do you want to hire professionals, or would you prefer to do the work yourself?
  • If you hire professionals, would you like to hire one company that will supervise the construction and deal with all necessary professionals such as electrician, plumber, general contractor, etc.? Or, would you prefer to search for individual, independent contractors and supervise the work yourself?
  • If you desire to do the work yourself, do you need to do any research or learn any new skills?
  • Or, do you have the confidence that your past experience is sufficient to do a good job on the work you have in mind?

As you contemplate whether to hire professionals or to do the work yourself, you should ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you truly have the time to do the work, including taking into account that the projects you have in mind may take longer than you believe?
  • Do you believe economically that you will benefit from hiring others versus doing the work yourself? It may seem at first thought that doing the work yourself will be less costly, but it is wise to go through your budget and give careful consideration to the entire process to see if it truly will be to your benefit to do the work. Alternatively, hiring one company to supervise all workers versus hiring independent contractors should also be weighed carefully in consideration of your budget. Remember that it is not uncommon to find unexpected costs once you begin your renovation project, whether you do it yourself or hire others.

Regarding the decision making process specifically concerning renovation projects of homes in Bluffton, you should consider the numerous options you have both for hiring others or for doing the work yourself.

If you do the work yourself, you have numerous local stores from which to choose to purchase your supplies. Home Depot and Lowes may seem the most obvious, but you also have access to Espy Lumber, Builders First Source, and Grainger Industrial Supply in Bluffton. This is but a bare beginning. Ace Hardware, Ferguson plumbing supplies, flooring stores, furniture stores, landscaping stores, light stores, and many other resources for building and other home-related supplies abound in the Bluffton, Hilton Head, Okatie, Hardeeville, and Ridgeland area. The Low Country is truly ripe for virtually endless options to do your own work.

On the other hand, the Bluffton area is chock full of building companies, some of which specialize in renovations. Just check out local phone books, the Internet, or even advertising in local publications to see all your options. Obtaining a referral from someone you trust, or from someone whose renovated home you admire, can be a good idea. If you are new to the area, or have not yet moved to Bluffton, you may want to contact stores like Home Depot or Lowes to see whom they may recommend.

If you would prefer to hire individual contractors to work on various projects such as plumbing, electricity, etc., you will likely benefit also from asking trusted sources.

Given the downturn in the economy over the past few years, many building companies as well as individual contractors are looking for work and could potentially offer more affordable prices than you may expect. Regardless of whether pricing is higher or lower than you expect or would like, you will likely have an easier time finding people to hire than you might have when the market was booming.

While plenty of people prefer to buy homes that are all ready to place the key in the door and move in, plenty of others prefer to buy homes with the potential to become the perfect fit. Some people like the minimal stress of simply having to move in, while others enjoy the challenge of wanting to make specific changes. For those who do enjoy the challenge and have a dream home in mind that will involve making changes to get the desired look and effect, Bluffton is bursting at the seams with opportunities to convert a home into what you desire – no matter the course you would like to take to get there.

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