Ryan Bassett, Realtor®

When Ryan Bassett asked me to write his BIO because I am a professional writer among other things, I figured I would write a traditional website bio. Cut and dry. Dry. Cut. Take two.

I tried. Really, I did. I tried spewing out the facts, and then I realized. I had the facts, but I was missing the heart. Every real estate agent has his or her background. Education. Experience. One school, or the other. One agency, or another. One hobby, or another. But what about the heart of the agent? What about the man himself? The woman herself? What matters most? What distinguishes one from another? The degree? Or the heart?

I could think of no better way to help people “Meet Ryan” than to introduce you to him myself. So I decided to cut out the dry, and go creative. Real. Raw. Honest. But how could I do this? Simple. I met Ryan a while back for one simple reason. He helped me find my dream home, and he did so facing impossible circumstances. I, of all people, could tell you about Ryan Bassett.

The very best way I could introduce Ryan to prospective clients, I realized, was to give you an insider’s view into Ryan the real estate agent. Straight from the horse’s mouth, so to speak. Mine. I once was a client. Now I am a friend. And just recently, I became his professional writer. So I can tell you what Ryan is like from three perspectives. Real estate agent. Friend. Employer.

Take three? This one will fly. I just know it. If you think there is anything challenging about your home search, you ain’t seen nothing yet. I lived in Virginia. I had multiple dogs because I direct Walk by Faith Ministry, which shares the Gospel as we minister the Lord’s love to people and homeless dogs.

I had a laundry list of special needs, so to speak. I had such a laundry list of needs that I knew I would need a miracle. Who better than to deliver my new home miracle than Ryan Bassett, a real estate agent I had never met – not even to this day. Are you kidding? Nope.

I found Ryan after a “random” search on the Internet. Actually, I found him after praying. And, over the telephone, I told him I needed a miracle from God and gave him my laundry list.

  1. A home that was super affordable
  2. A home that could house multiple dogs
  3. A home in a neighborhood that would accept and tolerate my dogs
  4. A home with neighbors not so close
  5. Land, and lots of it
  6. Not too far from Hilton Head and the beach
  7. Not too far from anything else I wanted to access
  8. SAFE neighborhood!
  9. One story and easily accessible for my handicapped dogs
  10. Extra buildings on the property to house the dogs

That, quite frankly, was only a partial list! And, to top it all off, I wanted to purchase the home without ever meeting Ryan – and without ever seeing the home. I lived 10.5 hours away, and it was too difficult to drive back and forth because I would have multiple dogs in tow.

Enough about me. Now about Ryan. In 44 years of life, I have rarely come across anyone – and I mean anyone – with the phenomenal combination of attributes I found in Ryan the real estate agent.

Kind. Caring. Warm. Friendly. Compassionate. Dedicated. Professional. Honest. Even-tempered. Patient beyond description. Willing to go to ANY lengths. Respectful. Moral. Did I say moral? Yes, hugely so. Giving. And, on top of everything else, more interested in serving and giving than receiving and taking for himself.

Some things about my home search I will never forget. Ryan falling down after “climbing aboard” something or other in the back yard to take photos of the distance to the neighbor’s shed building to send me via e-mail. Ryan visiting the same home over and over to take more photos and answer more questions. Ryan being kind when I was out of my mind with stress – and not so kind, to say the least. Ryan “inspecting” homes for me long distance and telling me NOT to buy certain homes. Ryan advising me on everything from a to z and back again. Ryan telling me how the home I ended up buying would be perfect in one section of the house for my disabled dogs.

Perhaps what stood out more than anything was the day Ryan called to tell me not to buy the home I was about to purchase. He had done some extra digging, and was more concerned about my safety and well-being than he was in making a  hefty commission. So what home did he sell me? He sold me the home with the much lower commission.

I would have thanked Ryan in person when I made the big move months later. But I couldn’t. I have never met him. Yet I call him a friend. I have called him countless times since my move to ask for suggestions on electricians, plumbers, fencing, you name it, I have asked him. He has never complained about my calls. He simply offered his suggestions and his kindness. But this is what a professional does, right? Perhaps. Sometimes, for those of us who are fortunate enough to come across such a special professional. But somewhere along the line, Ryan crossed over from just professional to a friend. And I am blessed to know him as a friend. The same qualities he displays as a businessman he offers as a friend.

In a day and age when morals and values fall to the wayside as quickly as fast food hamburgers, it is a rare and precious gift to know a man who lives with them. Ryan never told me until recently that he is a Christian, but I should have known all along. I can see it in the way he comes across. And I can hear his commitment to morals and values in the way he talks about his family.

To hear his love for his wife and little girl is truly humbling. The joy he experiences in sharing his love and appreciation for them both is a breath of fresh air in a world of too many people who don’t care enough. I have an ongoing joke with Ryan that there is one area he knows I will always give him a friendly push. Spend as much time as possible with your family, Ryan. Caris, his stunningly gorgeous, talented, and loving wife. And Avery, their precious baby.

Professional aside, and friend aside, now employer. Ryan asked me not too long ago to help provide my writing and editing expertise with his Internet presence. I was more than happy to help. I should not have been surprised that he handles himself as “the boss” in the same way he does as a real estate agent and friend.

Always honest. Always kind. Always respectful.

When I interviewed Ryan for the cut and dry BIO I had planned to write, two things stood out above all else.

First, his humility.

Second, he told me he cares just as much about helping the home buyer who has very little money as helping the home buyer with a zillion dollars. And, he will advise someone not to buy a home if he has a concern about the house regardless of how much money he could have made on the sale. He cares more about the person than he does the money he could make from them.

Why has Ryan been a multi-million dollar producer in the Bluffton and beyond real estate market over the past few years? To me, the answer is simple.

Integrity. I got my first miracle when God sent me Ryan Bassett to help me find my dream home. I got my second miracle when I got the home. Now, happily settled in with my special dogs – one blind, one three-legged, one two-footed, and more – I aspire to share my blessings with the world around me.

If you are looking for a man of integrity and expertise, of experience and values, of all that I have described in my anything but cut and dry BIO of Ryan Bassett, please look no further.

Call Ryan at 843-338-2120.

Written by Lara Love, director of www.walkbyfaithministry.com.

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