The Yard Sale of All Yard Sales Returns to Hilton Head

There are garage sales, and there are garage sales. There are yard sales, and there are yard sales. Then, there is the yard sale of all yard sales. The Island Packet newspaper does not call its annual yard sale the “World’s Largest Yard Sale” just to lure extra vendors and buyers. It doesn’t need to lure anyone extra at all. The well renowned yard sale attracts an unbelievable number of vendors and people – every single year.

Nor does the newspaper need to make use of every nook and cranny of the Hilton Head High School parking lot just to make its yard sale look bigger than it is. The newspaper’s yearly yard sale truly is one of the largest, and most populated, yard sales in Hilton Head, Bluffton, and beyond each year. The yard sale is so jam packed with vendors, stuff for sale, and visitors that the newspaper literally runs out of space and has to turn away potential vendors.

This year’s “World’s Largest Yard Sale” is just around the corner, and will take place at its usual location in the Hilton Head High School parking lot from 9am to 1pm on March 31. Booth space is $55, and applications are available at According to the newspaper, proceeds from vendor fees will benefit the high school. Additional details are available by calling 843-689-4811.

What will the enormous yard sale boast in wares this year? More than likely, vendors will set up shop early with an endless array and display of their items. Books, clothes, gifts, furniture, baby items, shoes, and just about everything else typically found at a yard sale will likely be available for purchase. But unlike the typically sized yard sales that can only offer so much, this yard sale has a humongous volume of just about everything.

Rows, rows, and more rows of vendors fill up their spaces with one item after another. Early birds get a sneak peek at the wide selection, while those who stroll in later in the day often have the opportunity to purchase things at much lower cost – and sometimes free.

At the end of the day, non-profit organizations send their trucks to pick up donations for their thrift shops of leftover goods that vendors would prefer to let go rather than pack back into their homes and garages.

For those who might not be in the market for purchasing anything, the yard sale is truly as much of a community event as it is an opportunity to spend money and accumulate more belongings. Given the numbers of people that pour into the yard sale and walk up and down the rows of vendors, the yard sale is the perfect opportunity to run into friends, meet new people, and simply enjoy a Saturday doing something fun.

For those who prefer much smaller garage and yard sales, the Bluffton and Hilton Head area are well known for playing host to numerous sales just about every weekend of the year. If you have never visited the Island Packet’s “World’s Largest Yard Sale”, this is certainly an experience not to be missed.

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